Grain Bin Installation

We offer full-service bin installations from start to finish. This includes blueprints, concrete estimates, project layouts, delivery, and a full crew of builders.

Our team will deliver your grain bin after concrete is poured. With state of the art equipment and expert crews, builds can take anywhere from one to three weeks per grain bin. After your bin is complete, if you have contracted our electrical services, our specially trained grain bin service personnel will install all electrical paneling and get you up and running!

Millwright work will follow all complete grain bin builds.

Our crews have completed over 350 bins since 2007. Let us bring guaranteed workmanship to you.

Millwright Aerial Work

Our millwright team has a combined 30 years of experience in welding and the company has erected over one hundred grain systems since 2007.

You can trust our crews to do professional work that will last. Millwright work includes loops, drags, towers, elevators, double runs, versa loops, conveyers, distributors, spouting, or any aerial framing such as catwalks, augers, and more!


When we say guaranteed workmanship, we mean it. We offer one-year warranties on all our grain bins, and if you need emergency repairs, our crew is on-call!

Our service motto is to provide you with secure products and secure mind that we will keep you running. In promising our customers a farm that leaves a legacy, we commit ourselves to servicing every customer as long as that legacy continues.

Let us handle your servicing needs with care and call us today!


You don't have time for shutdowns! Get an inspection before you harvest, or call us when the snow thaws. We will keep you going.


Part of our commitment to helping you leave a legacy is developing a plan that isn't just good for today but for generations to come. Whenever you start a project with us, our team will work with you to design a blueprint for your farm.

Plans include the equipment you want and ensure that it is laid out efficiently today so that you aren't stuck in a mess tomorrow.

Floor Replacements

Need a floor removed? We know it isn't fun. That's why our teams are specially trained in floor removal and installation.

We get in and get it done fast so that you can keep doing what you do best. That's our commitment to building your legacy.


We know that getting towers or structures fit your needs can feel like a headache. That is why we have fabrication services to ensure that you get the perfect design for your project. We will custom build any metalwork you need as part of our commitment to secure, lasting legacies.


Guaranteed workmanship is what we commit to. Quality welding is just a part of the job. Our welders have a combined 30 years of experience.

Call us today for your welding needs!

Gearbox Rebuilds

Gearboxes are fun, but they are not fun to rebuild. If you have a broken gearbox, call our service professionals today. We know gearboxes and know you need it done now.

With us, it's fast and workmanship guaranteed.