Does My Grain Bin Come With a Warranty?

GSI grain bin parts are warrantied for 1 year after purchase

How Long Does it Take To Build a Grain Bin?

This will depend on the size of the size of the grain bin. A hopper bin may take 2-3 days to erect. Standard grain bins may take anywhere from 1-2 weeks. In either case, concrete must be completed first. Of course, any additional components will extend the project length.

Do I Need a Dryer to Own a Grain Bin?

Technically, no. It is possible to harvest grain at a moisture content that is optimal for storage. However, this is risky and occasionally impossible. Without a dryer, a farmer is reliant on the right weather conditions for harvesting. Harvesting too early results in additional moisture in the crop. This can lead to mold when stored. Alternatively, harvesting too late will result in a decreased yield and severely risks crop loss. This is due to the lower stand in crops as they become brittle.

Having any type of dryer in a grain system allows for harvesting at maximum yields.

What is a Top-Dry?

A top-dry is a dryer with storage capability. Instead of buying a dryer and grain bin separately, it is possible to purchase these together in GSI's patented top-dry system. In this bin, grain is loaded into the top of the bin, where there are drying compartments. The grain moves through these compartments until they reach optimal temperature. From there, a computer determines when to drop grain into the bin for long-term storage.

How Thick Should My Concrete Be?

A standard grain bin requires 6" for the main slab and 18" for the footing. However, it is highly recommended that you speak with a professional to determine the specific requirements for your project before pouring any concrete.

What Capacity Grain Bin Can I Buy?

The smallest hopper tanks can hold as little as one ton of feed. However, GSI's largest grain bins can hold well over one million bushels.

Are Grain Bins Dangerous?

Absolutely! You should never enter a grain bin without a harness if the grain is higher than your ankle. This is because of grain entrapment. Further, sweep augers pose their own risks. Do not go in a grain bin alone. Never enter when the electricity is on, and wear a harness.

We strongly recommend hiring professional help for repairs and inspections on any grain bin or drying systems.

What Area Do You Service?

Generally speaking, our service area is within six hours drive from Mayfield, KY. This includes western Kentucky, western Tennessee, northern Alabama, northern Mississippi, eastern Arkansas, and southern Illinois.

Do You Offer Any Used Equipment?

We do not. It is our goal to offer customers consistent, quality products that are reliable and manufacture warrantied. As such, our current product offerings are exclusively in new products from top brands.

Where Can I Find a Manual for My Products?

Manufacturer product manuals for all our products can be found here.